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Recipe of Homemade Golden French fry

golden french fries

French fry is most wanted favorite food over the world especially for children. My baby likes French fry very much. Every time when I go any restaurant, I must take a large basket full of French fry. Even I make this dish in my home kitchen also. Much time we make French fry but it is not becoming golden like restaurants. So here I give a secret fact about French fry to golden color.

two large potatoes


-2 large potatoes

-1 tsp corn flour

-salt and pepper (as taste)

-oil for deep fry

cut into regular size


At first take 2 large potatoes and peel off. Then cut into regular French fry cutting, soak with water.

soak into water

Boiled the French fries with salt for 2min, strain the boiling water. Let the potato slices cool and cover with corn flour. Now take a big fry pan on your stove to medium heat. And pour oil for deep fry, let the oil for heated. When oil heated very well, put in all potato slices. Deep fry the potatoes until golden color. Take kitchen towel and drain all French fries from hot oil. Now, season with salt and pepper, serve with tomato ketchup.

serve with tomato ketchup

Note, you can put potato slices into refrigerator to cold, when you drained the boiled potato slices. This method can help stay your fries crispy.

7 Beauty Tips to Get Healthy Skin

Now winter is over so we need a new skin care for our lovely skin. And this is the best time to give a cautious care to our skin for get a healthier look. During winter season our skin survives many difficulties. Like Redness and Irritation, Itchy Patches, Flare-ups, Chapped lips, Flaky skin, dryness, and Damage. For this reason, I want to tell 7 amazing Beauty Tips to get gleaming Skin Once as Winter Is Over.

get your shining skin again

Scrubbing: in the end of winter season, you should start you scrubbing in 2 times in a week. Because during this long term winter season, our skin became dull, full of dead cells, effect by environment al toxin, and buildup with extra products. For this reason, scrubbing can give you to get rid of these problems. Also it can help you to get your glowing skin again.

Increase your Bath time: Taking much time baths is an enormous method to stay ultra-moisturized as we top into winter ending.  The water molecules assist our skin permitting for a bottom lesser product infiltration. In end of winter you should take a more time for bath with your preferred bathing products and your desired essential oils. To get your glowing skin assent yourself immerse.

Say good bye to your deep Moisturizers: As we start into winter ending the atmosphere starts to hold extra wetness. It also happens with your skin. This is the reason; people sever out more in the winter ending. Therefore, in the start of winter ending is the perfect time to change your heavy winter creams. This change will let your skin to inhale.

Use sun protection cream: during winter season we do not Use suns cream. Because the sun shines was very mild mood. But now the sun became too much hotter, and it is harmful for our new skin. So, in this time when you go to outside you should use SPF products to maintaining our glowing skin.

Drink much water: during the ending of winter you definitely drink sufficient water. Water keeps our skin hydrated. And it helps to buildup new skin cells. Also water assists to flash out toxin and other bad element from our body that was destructive to skin. So, drink sufficient water.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables: fruits and vegetables contain much vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. These elements are very good to become our glowing skin. You can also use homemade face pack with your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Talk With Your Dermatologist: If you have continual skin problems like psoriasis, rosaceous, or acne; this kind of skin problems frequently break out in the timing of seasons transform. I want to suggest you to talk with your skin doctors at the beginning of winter ending.

So, I tell you about some useful beauty tips for get your lost beautiful skin during winter season. May if you get you missing beauty to following my tips.

2 Easy and Delicious Fried Rice Recipes

easy fried rice recipe

Fried rice is a very popular and tastiest food over the world. Fried rice is a dish of cooked rice that has been stir-fried in a frying pan and is regularly varied with added ingredients such as vegetables, eggs, meat, or seafood. It is frequently eaten by itself or as an adjunct to one more dish. My family always loved fried rice. For this reason I always make this tasty food in my kitchen.  The amazing thing on this recipe is that you can insert anything you would like to choose. So, now I want to tell 2 amazing recipe of fried rice.

  1. Easy fried rice


-1cups rice (80% cooked, and put in refrigerator)

-1Tbs Chinese sesame oil

-1Tbs soy sauce

-1 chopped onion

-1 cup chopped mix vegetables

-1 beaten egg


Take a large fry pan and put on your gas stove to medium heat. Give Chinese sesame oil into the pan. Put in white onion and mix vegetables and stir fry until tender. Skip the onion and vegetables to the side, and add the beaten egg on the other side. Scramble the egg and mix with vegetables. Put in the cooked rice into the veggie and egg mixture. Add the soy sauce and Stir-fry the rice and vegetables mixture until heated from side to side and combined very well.

  1. Chicken Fried Rice


-1cup cooked chicken meat

-1cup 80%cooked rice, cool

-1 beaten egg

-1chopped onion

-1Tbs butter

-1Tbs sesame oil

-1Tbs soy sauce

-salt and pepper to taste


Add butter in a large fry pan over medium low heat. Put in egg and leave to level for 1 to 2 minutes. Take away from fry pan and cut into slices. Heat oil in same fry pan; put in onion and stir-fry until tender. Then put in chicken, rice, slices egg, pepper, soy sauce, and salt. Fry together for about 7 minutes.

So, here I provide 2 easy homemade fried rice recipes for you. You can serve this fried rice with another dish like, chicken curry, Chinese vegetables, and chicken fry. hope you like my easy recipes and try it now in your lunch or dinner time.

7 Amazing Natural Home medicines to Growth your Hair in very quickly

Natural home ingredients are always good to growth hair. Chemical leached hair products are always not good for our health. Going natural home remedy is the best key solution for hair problems, while it doesn’t have any side effects and its consequences are extensive lasting. So here I just try to tell how you can get long hair in very firstly by using natural home ingredients.

hair growth by home ingredients

Onion juice: Onion Juice for hair increase is a time-experienced and well-liked solution for hair fall. This is observed as one of most effective therapy to hair growth. Because onion contains (sulphur) and (sulphur) that increases collagen creation in the tissues and assists in the growth of hair. You can apply onion juice on scalp for 10 min, and then wash it by soft shampoo.

Coconut Milk: the most effective tonic for natural hair growth is applied of coconut milk because it is loaded in essential fats, iron, and potassium. You have to take coconut milk from a fresh coconut. Use it on scalp for 6 hours and then wash it off.

Apple Cider Vinegar: apple cider vinegar smoothly cleanses the scalp and holds the pH balance of the hair thus speed up hair growth. Mix vinegar with water to apply this mixture, use it as a last wash after washing your hair. This will also provide your hair an extra shine and increase hair growth.

Eggs: egg is used all over the earth for fast and usual hair growth. While we know, eggs have high levels of proteins which aid in the creation of new hair. It is also well-off much kind of vitamins and minerals. You can use egg with oil and honey for 30min. then wash this pack gently by mild shampoo.

Fenugreek: fenugreek is also an ancient cure for hair growth. It holds proteins and nicotine acid and Protein-developed diets have been recognized to support motivation of hair growth. Crush fenugreek properly and mix with water and use it in your scalp for 1 hour.

Green Tea: green tea also very useful for natural hair growth. Now you have the just right solution for those second-hand tea bags that you fling away every day. Green tea is having rich in antioxidants and that aids in enhancing hair growth and avoiding hair loss. Use balmy green tea on your scalp and put down it for 1hour. Clean it off with cold water.

Amla: This delightful fruit is a source of power of nutrients. It’s affluent in Vitamin C and that go faster hair increase. If you want, you can use amla juice with lime juice and clean by warm water. Also it will stop hair pigmentation.

So, try these natural home ingredients for improved and longer hair. Natural hair enlargement can also be advanced by a healthy and well diet. As a result, you must eat a healthy and nutrients food to your hair growth faster.

10 Amazing IELTS Listening Tips

In my previous articles I have told about some Amazing IELTS Reading tips. Now I just told about 10 simple IELTS listening tips. May With trailing these amazing tips, you can noticeably get better your score and yet acquire a band, let’s start,

tips about IELTS listening test

Get better your listening abilities: The aim of IELTS Listening segment is to check your listening skills. Don’t utilize practice tests to recover your points: it’s not sufficient! They will assist you to become well-known with the examination, but won’t greatly advance your listening skills. It is much more successful to do different listening movements, listen to common listening resources (movies, radio report, documental programs, TV news etc) and only subsequently does IELTS Listening perform examinations.

Shine your theme vocabulary: Section three is approximately always about learning. Study all the vocabulary you can about learning at academy campus. This method you will realize this segment improved.

Words form: leave out over the questions and choose which kind of word perfects for in each hole. Is it an adverb, noun, adjective, or verb? Write ’v’ for verb and ‘N’ for noun. This will assist you to spotlight on the exact word forms even as listening.

Connect with the condition: attempt to get a thought of the condition. Who are the orators, why they are talking and somewhere are they in now. This will make considerate the take it easy of the soundtrack much simpler.

Keep fixed concentration: keep in mind; you will just listen to the audio once. So if you didn’t listen to several words and approved over several questions, go away them empty and center on the genuine part. Appraisal those difficulties at the finish of the part, or else, you will only neglect extra questions and intertwine in the soundtrack. You will require reading, writing and listening all at the similar time.

Be careful about words-pointers: pay attention for words-pointers, for example, (but, however, finally, then). They assist you to predict what the lecturer will say.

Write answers slowly: numerous students drop into this catch. Straight away they heed the needed information; they catch it for the exact reply. But occasionally this information is frequent or accurate more in the part.

Verify for stupid error: After every part you have thirty seconds to verify your answer. It is significant to make sure word forms, spelling, and plurals. Keep in mind that only properly written answers will increase points.

Shift answers exactly: At the finish of the listening examination you will have ten minutes for transferring your answer into the answer page. And fairly often learners get mystified in the numeration; as you write your replies; make sure that they robust into the right numbered space. In new words, confirm that reply for question 3 goes into space number 3.

Fill up every blank answer: You won’t drop marks for wrong answers, so yet if you don’t recognize the answer it is better to write somewhat in the answers box. Examine the question once more and create a conjecture.

So, good wish for your IELTS listening exam and Utilize these IELTS Listening tips to get better your eavesdrop ability, But remember about IELTS Listening practice.

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Saffron (Jafran/zafran/zaffran/ kesar)

Health Benefits of Saffron (Jafran/zafran/zaffran/ kesar): Saffron or jafran/zafran is a royal spice gained from the saffron rose, a permanent plant linked to the lily. Saffron is among the world’s most luxurious cooking ingredients. This extraordinary spice has been around for a thousand years and has an excess of uses. Saffron has amazing health benefits. This makes it a highly priced spice. It is also applied for insomnia   (sleeping problems), atherosclerosis, cancer, flatulence; Alzheimer’s disease, depression, shock, fright, pain, dry skin heartburn, and Women apply saffron for menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome. Now I tell about 11 Amazing Health Benefits of Saffron (kesar).

health benefits of saffron

Good for Mental Health: Mental inspiration is among the health benefits of saffron.  It helps reduce depression, stress and anxiety. Saffron supports learning and memory preservation. Also, it is used for treating memory loss problems. Saffron has Crocin, and it helps prevent age related mental degradation such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Facilitates avoid Macular Degeneration: saffron can helps prevent macular degeneration. It cause of blindness, is an age linked situation caused by degenerating cells in a part of the eye known as the macula. Saffron has 2 amazing elements named Crocin and crocheting, which can help prevent cell injure and delay age connected decline to the cells of the eye as a whole.

Good for Skin: Antioxidants current in it has anti-aging possessions; as a result, keeping the skin flexible and glowing. Contemporary relevance of saffron can also whiten the skin. Saffron has vitamin B2 which facilitates to cure chapped lips.

Prevent Hair fall: It assists prevent hair from falling by strengthening every thread from root to tip. Saffron joint with licorice milk is a superb hair tonic in curing alopecia and inducing hair enlargement at a quicker speed. Saffron is also supposed to get better blood flow to the follicles, allowing superior release of nutrients and oxygen.

Gives Respiratory Health profit: It can heal coughing and the ordinary cold. It performs as an expectorant which untie the phlegm from the throat and lungs. Saffron also has the superiority to operate as an anti-inflammatory substance as well as a refreshment.

Increases Sexual energy: This amazing spice is a famous sexual enhancer. Saffron has the ability to augment vitality yet in older men. Most prominently, it helps in fertility and early ejaculation.

Reduce different kind of Pain: saffron can decrease lots of pain. It’s explosive amalgam safranal proceed as a sedative and aid cure toothaches. Saffron also has antiseptic and sedative individuality, making it perfect for teething babies and for those who need to get better their sleeping prototype. It is usually used by community of countries where it is cultured as a natural sleep remedy, as well as a nervous system relaxant to peaceful over dismissal nerves that guide to ache.

Good for Hormonal problems: Premenstrual syndrome is caused by different hormones release at the same time. Saffron can control kind of hormonal problems. Also saffron has Serotonin, which is known as the happy hormone and helps to lessen the severity of a woman’s mood swings. Saffron also helpful for women who are pregnant.

Prevent Heart diseases: saffron helps to prevent heart diseases. Saffron has potassium which is a key ingredient in maintaining a healthy heart. Saffron has the ability to control cholesterol levels. It is a very resourceful spice for the well being of your heart.

Excellent for Digestion: It is also known for its usefulness in cure disturbs stomachs and flatulence. It also aids in maintaining expanded liver and spleen. It helps medicine constipation and bloating from a diversity of reasons.

Good for Cell growth: saffron can source cell deterioration. Saffron contains antioxidants which are all beneficial in endorsing cell growth and cell repair. Saffron has high quantity of potassium and magnesium which comprise one of the health benefits of saffron. This amazing natural work of saffron makes it an influential preventative alongside cancer and assists sustain optimal DNA synthesis and duplication of cells.

saffron,kesar,jafran,zafran or zaffran is very useful for our health. the regular taking of small amount of jafran or zafran we can get a very healthy skin and healthy body.

9 Amazing Tips for IELTS reading

Now, I want to share 9 amazing IELTS reading tips for improve your basic skills. The reading of IELTS skills wanted (calculation, finding exact information, identifying judgment etc.) are the similar for both tests.The only dissimilarity is the kind of text you will be given. This is to reproduce the different anticipations and motivations of both kinds of candidate. On the Academic paper there will be 3 long academic texts that are related to the type of reading you might wait for at university. The readings are taken from magazines, academic journals, newspapers, and books.

tips for IESTS reading

 Don’t wait for to know every word: lots of of my students have been educated to search for every word in a dictionary they don’t recognize in a dictionary. It is agonizing about all the words they don’t understand in the reading exam are 1 of the most horrible things they can do.If you don’t understand a word in the reading examination there are2 things you be able to do. You can seem at the words and sentences about it for clues as to its meaning or you can go on and not remember about it. You don’t have to recognize the meaning of each word.

Observe your reading skills: It is significant to make known yourself with the IELTS reading examination, IELTS reading tips and increase an understanding of the different questions. It is significant to be taught from your mistakes. But, students who just follow IELTS exams are lost out on a fine opportunity to get better their common reading skills.

Suspiciously read the instructions: lots of easy marks are gone by excellent IELTS candidates because they not succeed to read the instructions suspiciously. This is particularly right in the reading and listening examinations because they provide very exact instructions. If you don’t chase these instructions accurately, you will catch the question incorrect.

Don’t fright: a number of questions will be simple and some will be very difficult. The answer is not to panic when attempting to answer a hard one. Almost all of the IELTS teachers I identify have to verify the answers to some questions because they are so hard.

It’s actually a vocabulary test: In much ways, the reading examination is other of a vocabulary test than a reading examination. They will utilize synonyms and paraphrase sentences to check how large your vocabulary is. To arrange for this I counsel my students to do 3 things: note, review, and read.

Timing is important: If you use extra time on 1 question you will leave fewer times for the other questions, yet, if you make an effort to do the test too fast you will overlook information and may get mystified. So, use a set quantity of time on all questions.

Practice sluggish and quick way: Many teachers’ counsel students to observe for the IELTS reading test ‘under test conditions’. This means you do the follow test in 1 hour without any facilitate, just similar to in the exam. You can practice your study in slow and quick way.

Carefully transfer your answers: you will be inquired to shift your answers to an answer page. An ordinary fault is to use too much time on reading and answering questions and leaving extremely small time to transfer the answers. It is only normal that stupid mistakes are made when people are panic.

Depart no blanks: This might appear one of the clearest IELTS reading tips but you would be amazed how much people leave blanks. Yet if you don’t be acquainted with the answer, confirm you try each question. You might obtain fortunate and you have nothing to drop.

7 Amazing Way to Take Care Your Hair after Straight

 Now, straightening is a basic trend. Girls who have straight hair they should take some extra care of their straight hair. Here I come to tell 7 amazing way to take care your hair after straight.

hair care

Use hair protect products: previous to you begin to straighten your hair, confirm you use superior quality hair protection products, use a serum or use some moisturizing elements on your hair. This will assist decrease the harm that the high temperature will cause to your hair.

Always use heating rods on dry hair: Using straightening rods on totally damp hair can reason your hair to become very rough, tightly curled and in several cases, destroy them too. Therefore, allow your hair dry in the wind or just gust dry them a tad than straightening.

 Use little hair care serums: later than you straighten your hair, employ a little hair serum or hair bribe to lower the result of all that temperature produced by the hair straightners. This is done for the reason that many a times, the heat of these machines depart up to a 150-180 degrees Celsius and that definitely isn’t fine news for your soft hair.

Oils to the save: rub your hair with oil as a minimum twice a week. For improved effects, later than you massage your hair, cover it with a hot towel for 10 minutes. Wash your hair carefully after 1 hour.

Use homemade hair packs: Homemade hair masks effort surprises on the scalp and aid in get better the hair superiority. Honey, Apricots, curd , egg white, aloe Vera , oats, etc. are immense natural ingredients to make these sets, and the internet is the finest place to discover pack ingredients that top suits your hair category.

Hair spa: occasionally, just oiling the hair isn’t sufficient to overturn the spoil caused by exposing the hair to steady and high levels of temperature. Hair spas on the other hand are fairly successful. The submission of hair repair serums tracked by head massages and steam are the top pampering you can provide your hair.

Correct conditioning: Not only should you utilize a good quality repairing shampoo and conditioner often, but you should also be relevant leave-in conditioners to your hair that require to be applied after hair bathe.

As a result, all you require to do is provide your hair some additional tender adore and care by following these easy rules and you can aid them continue softer and silkier. And despite all this, attempt to lower the use cruel chemicals and temperature treatments on your hair as much as probable.

11 Surprising Benefits of keep Away From Social media

It appears like there’s a social media stand everywhere you go round today. It’s almost similar to an addictive drug with over the world people usual customers of it. And if you appear at it by the pure numbers, it’s really inferior in many observes. On standard, a social media consumer wastes about 1 ½ hours per day on their site of alternative, frequently in methods not creative, and effects in a complete waste of time. Now, I want to give a 11 surprising benefits of keep away from social media.

benefits of keep away from social media

Get back Your Privacy: If your private data isn’t being advertise to the maximum bidder, becoming topic to selling advertising, you may have a follower or two that checks your each movement on social media. Social media apps that utilize location-enabled features make you mainly horizontal to hazard, as visitors are capable to see your each movement and where you at present are. Keep away from these stages that share your location data, or at a smallest immobilize them.

Increases efficiency: continually browsing from side to side newsfeeds is a big time suck, and does not anything for you at the finish of the day. This time could be exhausted improved furthering your schooling or just doing something that put in to your bottom line.

Progresses you’re Confidence: There is not anything more humiliating than seeing everybody around you flossing all your success, while all you’ve handled to do for the day is consume breakfast. Your self-assurance can get a real punch along with your incentive as you are likely to experience subpar and unimportant compared to what you spot on social media. Keep away from the obsessions that obtain you behind on social media.

Improve Your Mood: We all have knowledgeable this from moment to moment. After recurring exposure to this motivation, you may become desensitized to them having through now residential depressive sickness. You can do your top to take pleasure in what it has to present, and social media will not assist you.

Rekindle Friendships: still though the original meaning of social media looks to have been to create links with friends easier, many populaces who have hundreds or thousands of friends on their catalog scarcely say a word to them day after day. Get free of all your links on social media. We know it sounds cruel, but when you do assemble them in open in the genuine world it will be more significant.

You can get a better Sleep: Social media can disrupt your sleep extensively, owing elementally to the inspiring belongings of light contact on the hormone melatonin, which assists start sleep. Do a good turn and depart social media out of bed. This turns can give you a sound sleep.

 You understand Your Surroundings: if you keep away from social media you can understand your surroundings. Not only are they supremely ignorant of their surroundings, but also they miss life as it occurs. You’d be amazed to identify just how much more you knowledge when you’re not gazing at your phone all the occasion and really appear around your environs as you shift.

You can improve your attitude: Sitting on social media you will do no favors to your posture or attitude. Also you can set up for constant back pain afterward in life. It’s superior to keep on moving as different to uselessly spending hours upon hours spooling through a newsfeed. Your back will thank you in years to come for improving your attitude.

You can improve your attentiveness: attentiveness or Mindfulness is the skill of appreciating everything that you practice. When previous did you thoroughly get pleasure from your browsing assembly or scrolling during your newsfeed? Probability is it’s not that unforgettable. In difference, time exhausted outdoors occurrence things with people you adore make memories that are deeply entrenched in your brain. You won’t rapidly disregard that superb road journey you had with your important other, but you will not remember the status update you maxim 2 hours ago.

You can inspire your Creativity: social media is a kind of addictive drug to a lot of people, one that damages creativity and logical thoughts for some stage of time subsequently. Keep away from social media for an occasion of time and you will speedily find again your creative boundary.

assists Overcome FOMO: FOMO is better recognized as the fright of missing out, is a real time dropout as it creates you waste much and much time on social media just chasing for the newest pursuit news. This is really a great weak point. Spending too much time on social media is said to be equivalent to making you purposely retarded from living in the genuine world.

So, if you want to lead a wonderful life without showoff, you must stop the connectivity of social media. It is really harmful to your personal life.

11 Effective Home medicines for Fever

Fever can exhaust your and may also guide to added health difficulty. Elevated body temperatures are also deadly, and you must act rapidly in case you start ablaze up owing to an infection or any additional fundamental illness. Though going to a doctor is a necessity, there are also a veer of home medicines and elements that you can use to treat your fever at house. Here I give 11 effective home medicines for fever.

effective home medicines to reduce fever

Bone Broth: Bone broth becomes a source of power of nutrients when you get ready it with a variety of herbs and spices. Eating freshly made chicken soup when you are down with fever is one of the very old and most pursued remedies all through the earth. It does not only give nutrients to your body but rates up the revival procedure as good.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar could become a secure basis when it comes to treating a fever by home remedies. Though, it is not counseled to swallow apple cider vinegar when you contain a fever. It can reduce body temperature.

Turmeric: The spice is often observes as a king of spices owing to the jaw-dropping health advantages linked with it. One of which is hostility fever. Turmeric holds an active multipart named curcumin. The mix possesses the possible to obliterate microorganisms that add to raising your body’s hotness to calm.

Garlic: garlic is a normally found spice source in every home – garlic can reduce your fever in no moment. Different people think garlic as a speculate herb owing to its dietary value and consequences on health.

Sandalwood: Sandalwood has curative and calming properties. It has stayed a significant fraction of usual medicine for centuries to treat various foremost and slight health diseases as well as fever.

Peppermint: You can also sever your fever by intake peppermint tea. It could turn out to be a perfumed and tasty way to treating yourself still when anguish from a fever. Peppermint contains influential antibacterial and antiviral mechanism. It can aids to reduce fever.

Oregano Tea: oregano is a functional source to assuage fever. The herb can obstruct the enlargement and increase of bacteria which contribute to the situation. You can make a drink by oregano and start drinking it if you are attract with fever.

Basil Tea: Basil leaves are a warehouse of antipyretic mechanism, which decrease high temperatures and reinstate your exhausted health. Dry basil leaves have always stayed a fraction of herbal remedy to treat fever. Basil is highly positive for fever, and you should drink basil tea to obtain greatest advantages.

Raisins: a handful of raisins can decrease body’s temperature. Furthermore, raisins are crowded with phenolic contented, which is powerful sufficient to ward off bacteria and viruses from your scheme. It can treat your fever.

Water and juices: There could be various causes that can guide you to expand a fever. Though, make certain you drink abundance of water and juices to decrease your body’s hotness. Overwhelming characteristic teas can also assist in this situation. You require maintaining your body hydrated to recover lost minerals by fever.

Cold Water Therapy: An antique yet effectual medication is to treat a fever with cold water. That is perfect for babies and children as home medicines, and medication might harm their susceptible health. Just immerse a washcloth into cold water and softly rub it mainly on foot, armpits, palm, and neckline. It will aid decrease high fever during the night.

But, Home medication does not hold unfavorable effects. In spite of that, it is informed to appointment your doctor.