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8 Amazing Natural medicine to get relieve from headache

Headache is ache in any area of the head. Headaches can happen on one or both areas of the head are remote to a sure site, give out across the head from one position, or have a vise like superiority. A headache may emerge as a pointed pain, a tender sensation or a tedious ache. It’s very irritating subject. To get relief from headache here I give some amazing natural home remedies.

home medicines of headache

  1. Menthol: menthol is deadening and reassuring, making a helpful to quiet the overactive nervous system during a headache. It is very use full to get relief from headache.
  2. Water: water is most useful natural medicine of headache. Drinking a little amount of water is cause of dehydration and dehydration is one of the top causes of headache.
  3. Tea: drinking tea or coffee can get relief from headache. Even more headache release and a dose of avoidance, include several almond milk and 1tsp of honey. Hot tea and coffee has anti-seditious goods that can help reduce a headache, and hot ginger tea can also reduce migraine pain.
  4. Essential oils: Lavender oil, Basil oil, and Peppermint Oils are used in natural remedies to get free from headache. Lavender oil is a big one for usual headache aid. Essential oil can be practical topically to the temples. Otherwise include a pair drops into hot water and inhale the vapors without really ingesting any of the oil.
  5. hot water and Mustard Foot Soak: One of the more special medicine for treating headaches is a hot water foot soak with added ground mustard crush is very useful for helping to reduce stress headaches. The warmth from the water and mustard crush mixture motivate blood flow so that opened vessels in the scalp are strained downwards to the feet.
  6. Ginger: ginger is one of the most useful herbs on the world. Ginger can gives relive from irritating headache. Ginger can reduce anxiety from nerves. You can drink ginger tea or ginger juice to get relief from headache.
  7. Feverfew: feverfew flower tea is very effectual for get free from headache. In particular countries feverfew is using like a natural remedy for headaches. It is supposed to aid relieve migraines pain and other headaches by stopping the seditious flow that leads to pain program.
  8. Avocado: even avocados are also can be medicine to reduce headache pain. Everyone knows that avocados are excellent for nutrients. But it is also well known for remedy of headache. Avocados contain magnesium content. Headache is supposed to be due to the too much dilation of blood vessels in the scalp. Magnesium does help with simulate of blood vessel tone, in order that the pressure used to open blood vessels.

6 science based health benefits of black seed oil

Black seed oil is very useful oil for human body to keep healthy. Black seed oil is come from black seeds. Black seeds are also recognized as black cumin, black caraway, black onion seed, and kalonji, black seed oil is advertised as a medicine for conditions such as asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, headaches, diabetes, digestive problems, and high blood pressure. Black seed oil is said to increase the resistant system, decrease inflammation, and struggle with infections. Here I give some science based health benefit of black seeds oil. Better aid for the skin: Black seed oil could be helpful for people who suffering from skin problems. Such as Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis. Black seed oil can also help for soft hair, alleviate skin, and perform as a moisturizer.

black seeds

black seeds

Weight loss: Research has revealed that black seed dosage can support lower common BMI. The lessons applicants did not get any harsh side effects from enchanting these supplements. Black seed oil can be successful in undertake fatness.

for fertility: black seed oil is very support full way to fertility for man. It absolutely involves sperm counts, sperm morphology and motility, which are necessary for fertility. And black seed oil has no side effects concerned. In a research it’s proven that black seed oil can advance sperm faction and boost sperm compute.

Equilibrium Cholesterol: The excellent fats establish in black seed oil are useful at growing the ratio of HDL to LDL cholesterol in the human body. This will decrease blood pressure, get better the metabolism of fat and diminish the risk of health troubles.

for control blood sugar levels: black seed oil might have anti-diabetic medicine and progress blood sugar levels. Black seeds oil has increases insulin in human body and decreases glucose from our blood. That’s why it is very useful for diabetic patients to control their blood sugar.

for cancer treatment: black seed oil can pressure automatic cell demise otherwise apoptosis in numerous kinds of cancer cell. Though, much of the study on the possessions of black seed oil on cancer applies cells quite than survive humans. As a result researchers do not however know how useful the oil may be to care for group with cancer.

Keep liver and kidney functions good: Black seed oil is very helpful for our kidney and liver. It may diminish liver and kidney illness difficulties and get better the organ formations.

While black seed oil appears to present positive health benefits, this addition does not change medication. It is necessary that, to taking this supplements dose should go with a doctor’s advice.

Extraordinary Health Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon is the typical summertime fruit. It is a clip at picnics and garden parties all over. We know watermelon is sugary and thirst quenching, we also be acquainted with that watermelon hot weather treat is also full with healthy benefits. Here are some extra ordinary benefits that tell the tale of just how magnificent watermelon is.

benefits of watermelon

Health benefit of watermelon

Watermelon health benefits comprises supervision fighting free radicals, diabetes, resource of power and water, better healthy heart, helps weight loss, and decreases harshness of asthma attacks . Other benefits are defensive nerve system, eliminating inflammation, support balance pH level, prevent tiredness and heat stroke, decreases chance of emergent periodontal disease, helps kidney health and helps better digestion.

Weight loss quicker:If you are want to lose weight, you know that we all have those activate that send us down the road of attraction, desire after something that you know isn’t the strongest choice. Watermelon gives something fresh to lose your weight. The quality of watermelon is similar to that melts in mouth. Watermelon suits the touching longing as well as the physical one. Also one cause that, watermelon supports you lose weight because watermelon is generally full of water, mutual with fiber substance this mixture fills you up and leaves your content longer than surgery.

Full of vitamins and Antioxidants: When we taste a cold piece of watermelon, we do not have antioxidants on our mind. We might be enjoyably amazed to find out that watermelon is a huge source of the free essential fighting warriors, especially in the form of lycopene and vitamin C. the Antioxidants, lycopene, and vitamin C interfere by provided that one of their additional electrons to the free radical, thus neutralizing it and stopping it from reasoning cellular damage.

Keeps hydrate your body: Watermelon helps hydrate your body. Drinking watermelon juice is a key way to keep your body hydrated. Watermelon contains 92% of water. The healing amino acid supports go faster the rate of lactic acid taking away from muscles, giving a faster revival time after workout. Watermelon also has high amount of water content, so it will support you re hydrate in one of the most appetizing ways probable.

Better Digestive relieve:  our digestive method needs water to assist digest foods and shove them during. We also require fiber to support with this procedure. Watermelon holds both, making it an ideal digestive treat.

So, we can say watermelon is a very nutritious fruit and it contains lots of health benefits for human body. Everyone should eat watermelon for its amazing reasons to keeps good health.

11 Surprising Health Benefits of Banana Juice

Banana Juice health benefits comprises behind improved digestion, endorse brain power, a trendy dietary supplement, preventing heart diseases, attractive the mood and reduce stomach ulcers. Additional benefits take in getting free of toxins from the body, loaded in vitamins and antioxidants, relieving sadness, sustaining kidney health, increase the bones, calculating cholesterol level, hostility free radicals, maintaining superior blood pressure and supporting excellent vision.

banana juice

banana juice

Recipe of banana juice:

  • 2 banana
  • 2 cup milk
  • 2 tsp honey
  • Mix all item and blend properly

Surprising benefits of banana juice:

Banana juice controls your hunger twinges and aids you to conquer your sugar cravings. The juice presents an extensive variety of benefits which are scheduled as under.

  1. Boost Brain Power: You can swap regular tea or coffee in your breakfast to put back it with a glass of banana juice. Bananas are huge for increasing the memory and this is why banana juice is suggested to children for boosting their cognitive abilities.
  2. Improved Digestion: Banana juice helps well digestion. It is also cooperative in reduce constipation and other stomach illness.
  3. Prevents heart disease: Banana juice is that reduce the risks of heart diseases to a major level. This is appropriate to the high amount of potassium fulfilled in bananas.
  1. Weight loss: Banana juice used a significant dietary element in weight loss plans. You can speed up your weight loss journey to drinking banana juice regularly.
  1. Reduce Stomach Ulcers: Banana juice reduces stomach ulcers. You can use it as a medicine to care for stomach infections.
  2. Better feeling: Banana juice is like a natural mood swinger. It is giving you a good feeling. The juice fulfilled all natural sugars that are helpful in selection you feel better.
  3. High in Vitamins: Banana juice is one of the most nutritious resources of vitamins as well as vitamin B5, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6.
  4. Be full of Anti-oxidants: Bananas endorse greater overall health; it full of high amount of anti-oxidants. This is why it reddens out toxins and gets better blood circulation.
  5. Excellent Kidney Health: There are many helpful multi parts in banana juice to stability out the harmful effects of salt. Banana juice keeps good our kidney health.
  6. Reduce heart problems: Habitual use of banana juice reduces the risks of heart attacks, strokes and many other heart diseases.
  7. Controls Cholesterol: Banana juice contains pectin, which is a key fiber to uphold good cholesterol levels in our body. Water soluble fibers decrease bad cholesterol levels. Taking banana juice is a usual way to control a healthy cholesterol level.

So, we can say banana juice is a power house of nutrients. It also controls blood sugar levels of diabetic peoples. Everyone should drink it regularly.

Eating too much Added Sugar could kill you

Too much added sugar is very bad for human body. It is also reason for many killing diseases. A large amount people know that eating foods high in sugar, and easy carbohydrates that change to sugar, leads to many health troubles, such as tooth decay, obesity, coronary artery, and disease, diabetes. Consuming too much sugar also has harmful effects on human’s brain. Let’s see some very bad effects of added sugar in your body.

too much sugar is harmful

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Heart diseases
  • Tooth decay
  • Depression
  • Sugar addiction
  • Skin aging
  • Fatty liver

Diabetes: taking too much sugary food could reason of your diabetes risk. Absolute high-sugar use forces confrontation to insulin, a hormone formed by the pancreas that controls blood sugar levels.

Obesity: Excessive sugary food eating has been connected to weight gain, as it gives a main and needless source of calories with tiny or no nutritional value. Weight gaining, which is frequently roots by overwhelming in excess of sugar, is careful the risk issues of obesity. Sugar-sweetened food and drinks are full with fructose, a kind of uncomplicated sugar. Taking fructose enlarges your desire for food and hunger additional than glucose.

Heart diseases: Eating too much added sugar boosts your heart disease chances. High-sugar foods and drinks have been associated to an increased danger of dying from heart disease. Sugars increase your blood pressure, which is the main reason of heart diseases.

Tooth decay: Tooth decay is happened by the bacteria in the oral cavity using sugar from drinks and foods to create acids that melt and injure the teeth. Sugar sweetened drinks have high levels of sugar. Most of the people, who are attacked by tooth decay, they uses too much sugar in their regular meal.

Depression: specially, consuming too much sugar may enlarge your risk for mood chaos, as well as depression. Sugar happens obviously in multifaceted carbohydrates. Taking too several easy sugars may boost your danger for depression.

Sugar addiction: When opinion about what belongings sugar has on human body, it should be renowned that your brain be determined on sugar (glucose) for instant energy. Without sugar, the brain would resist to work correctly. In exacting, it shows that the neural structure plays an important role in sugar desires and addiction. So sugar could be make you sugar addictive.

Skin aging: it is a significant subject that sugar could make your skin aging. Surplus processed sugar in your meal, even in little amounts can reason wrinkles; dark circles, quick way the aging process, and can dehydrate skin.

Fatty liver: sugar can make possible a bigger buildup of fat, which could twist into fatty liver disease, in excess of processed sugar is big rival of liver. Sugar can be damage your liver like alcohol, even if you’re slim.

In taking too much added sugar can have many harmful health effects. Excess of sweetened foods and drinks can brings to you very dangers conditions on your life.

6 Top causes to why cancer happens

Cancer is a faction of diseases connecting unusual cell growth with the possible to attack or increase to other parts of the body. This difference with begin tumors, which do not increase to additional parts of the body. Let’s see some reason of cancer happened in human body.

  • Smoking
  • Overweight
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Alcohol
  • Low physical activity
  • Infections

Smoking: smoking is one of the most causes of cancer in the world. It’s too much dangerous for human body. Cigarette smoking and contact to tobacco smoke reasons too much early death happens each year in the world. Smoking is the reason cancers of the esophagus, lung, mouth, larynx, throat, bladder, kidney, pancreas, liver, stomach, colon, cervix, and rectum

Overweight: a number of bodies alter that happen as an effect of lose weight propose it may, certainly, decrease cancer risk. For instance, obese or overweight people who deliberately lose weight have abridged levels of sure hormones that are connected to cancer danger, such as estrogens, insulin, and androgens.

Unhealthy diet: Unhealthy Diet can also straight involve cancer chance. a number of foods, like red meat, processed food and salt-preserved foods, can enlarge the danger of increasing cancer. On the other hand, healthy food like high fiber food, fruits, and vegetables can decrease the risk of cancer. Everybody should maintain their healthy diet to be safe.

Alcohol: alcohol is a big reason of cancer. Drinking alcohol can enlarge your chance of severe disease, like mouth cancer, throat cancer and breast cancer. It cannot be forecast with confidence who will suffer cancer, and not all community who drink will, but there is proof to show that some cancers are additional familiar in community who drink alcohol than those who don’t. Also, there is additional danger for those who habitually drink over. Everybody should avoid drinking alcohol.

Low physical activity: Less Physical Activity increase the risk of Cancer. Making modest to dynamic physical activity an element of your lifestyle lowers your danger of cancer and that of other constant diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. Reasonable to energetic physical activity is exercise that makes you be concerned and your heart beat quicker. Everybody should take some steps for physical activity.

 Infections:  infections are one of the top causes of cancers. Infections are chance issues for cervical cancer. Viruses are the common infectious reasons that causes cancer but Mycobacterium, some other bacteria and vermin also have a result. A virus that can cause cancer is named an oncovirus. Any kind of infections when takes too much time, it can be reason of cancers. So if you getting injured and you should hurry about to healing your hurting point.

5 Easy and Yummy Recipes of chicken fries

Now chicken fry is one of the most popular dishes over the world. Every kind of people in different age likes chicken fry. Even most of the restaurants and food shops make chicken fry for its popularity. It’s really so appetizing and delicious to eat. Here I give some different recipes of chicken fries.

chicken fry

1.Easy Fried Chicken:


.chicken drumsticks with skin

.salt and black pepper



.oil for fry


. Clean the drumstick and Season with salt and pepper.

. Marinate the chicken for some times.

. Beat the eggs and keep aside.

. Take some flour in a bowl

. Wrap the chicken drumstick in egg and coat in flour.

. Keep coated drumstick aside.

. Give oil in hot fry pan to deep fry the drumstick.

. Fry the chicken on equally sides until crispy

. Fry 10 to 15 minutes on equal sides.

2.Ra men-Crusted Fried Chicken:


.ram en noodles


.soy sauce

.chicken drumstick

.salt and pepper for seasoning

.oil for fry


. Mix the chicken with salt, pepper, and soy sauce and rest the chicken for overnight.

.mash two ram en blocks by hand. And Keep 3 or 4 of ram en blocks to a blender and blend it well.

. Mix those all ram en noodles item in a bowl.

.Take one chicken piece and deep into the buttermilk and cover with the mixture of ram en noodles.

.give oil to a hot fry pan for deep fry.

.shift chicken pieces to oil and fry until golden brown.

3.Korean Fried Chicken


. 6 small pieces of chicken


. Eggs

. Cornstarch

. Oil for frying

. Korean red pepper pest

. Rice vinegar

. Brown sugar

. Soy sauce

. Sesame seeds for garnish


. Toss the chicken pieces into the flour, then deep into the egg and lastly cover in the cornstarch.

. Add the Korean red pepper pest, vinegar, brown sugar and soy sauce in a bowl and mix it well.

.Heat up oil in a fry pan for deep fry the chicken pieces.

.Fry the chicken until golden brown.

.consume the fried chicken and put in to the bowl with the sauce.

. Flip to combine, and garnish with sesame seeds.

4.Nashville Hot chicken:


. 4 pounds chicken pieces

. oil for frying


.salt and pepper


.onion powder

.Garlic Powder

. Chili powder

. Oregano

. Eggs

. Hot sauce

. Flour

. Baking powder

. Melted butter

. Red cayenne pepper

. Brown sugar

. Spice rub


. Mix all seasonings together in a bowl.

. Remove some Spice Rub for Nashville hot sauce with 2 cups buttermilk.

. Add chicken and flip to cover, coat and rest for 3 hours.

. Mix 2 eggs, 1 cup buttermilk and 1/4 cup hot sauce in a bowl.

. In another bowl mix 1/2 cups flour, 1 tablespoon baking powder and all left over Spice Rub spices together.

. Take 1 piece of chicken and dredge into the Flour mix, shake well, and coat in Buttermilk Egg Wash mix, shake well again, then dredge again in Flour, shake well for any excess. Repeat until all chicken is covered.

. Add enough oil to fry pan, Heat over medium high. Deep fry all the chicken and cooked for 7 min.

. Whisk in melted butter to Nashville Hot Sauce until silky. Take all fried chicken in a bowl and mix with hot Nashville sauce properly.

5.Honey and rosemary fried chicken: Ingredients

. 4 chicken pieces

. Flour

. Garlic powder

. Salt and white pepper

. 1 cup butter milk

. Oil for frying

For honey and rosemary glaze:

.  Half cup honey

. 1 tablespoon butter

.1 spring rosemary, chopped


. Clean chicken and tap dry.

. Blend flour with salt, garlic powder, and pepper.

. Coat the chicken by mix of flour, then buttermilk, then flour again. Put aside.

.In a dip fryer pan, heat oil to over medium-high heat. Put in chicken, and cooked for 20 minutes.

.In a small saucepan, add honey, butter, and rosemary. Boil over low heat until butter has melted.

. Rain slightly Honey Rosemary Glaze over chicken.


7 Tips for Intermittent Fasting to lose your weight.

Inter mitten fasting is very use full diet technique for weight loss plan. It is not a diet chart; it is a diet plan to weight loss early. Intermittent fasting is an eating method where you eat inside an exact time period, and you fast the rest of the point in time. Let’s see how you can lose your weight in intermittent fasting.

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is an eating system where you eating your meal in a fixed time for some fixed hours. You can’t take any kind of caloric food during the fasting time; you can only drink water, and black tea or coffee. Like you finished your dinner at10pm.then you take your next meal at 2 or 3 pm. during this time you can’t eat any caloric food, like solid food. You can continue your meal after 2 pm. For example, your last meal at 9pm and then don’t take food until 1 noon the next day, then you are officially fasting for 16 hours between meals. You can select or change your time of fasting and eating. There is a popular form of intermittent fasting called 16:8 method. Officially fasting for 16 hours each day, and limit your eating to an 8-hour eating window. It’s called intermittent fasting. Lots of people told that they feeling superior in intermittent fasting between any other crash diet. It’s actually easy to maintain honestly between balance diets. In your eating window you should eat healthy food. If you taking too much junk food you can’t achieve you target. Here I give some useful tips for intermittent fasting to weight loss.

Drink too much water: Drinking too much water in intermittent fasting helps increase your metabolism, wash your body of waste, and acts like you are not hungry. Even drinking extra water assists your body stop preserve water, primary to fall those additional pounds of water weight loss.

Try to stay busy: Be more stay busy to distract yourself from food while intermittent fasting. You can go for a walk, hike, and cycle ride or jog to stay busy during fasting periods.

Drink black tea or coffee: caffeine can increase the metabolic rate and boost fat burning. Drinking black tea or coffee helps you to eat less. Also it kicks out your hunger.

Keep it up at least 1 month: during intermittent fasting you should stay at least 1 month to get your result. Because if you can’t to do you’re fasting for 1 month, you can’t get proper result also.

Eat low-carb food: Try to eat low-carb food in your eating window. Too much carbohydrate is increasing your obesity.

Walk at least 30 min: after your eating periods you should walk at least 30 min in a day. When you walk, your body is burning calories from body fat.

Keep patience: in intermittent fasting, most things that, you should keep your patience to lose your weight.

Weight loss is like blessing for obese people. Healthy eating is one of the best protocols to losing your weight. You can do to prevent and control much kind of health diseases also. So try to always eat much healthy food in any kind of diets or intermittent fasting.

9 Popular Low Crab Breakfast Recipes

Most of the people fight with breakfast. People are busy in the morning; they have no time to making breakfast. Taking cereal is the total bad things people can take at the beginning of the day. Here are9 easy low-crab breakfasts’ recipes.

low carb breakfast recipes

  1. Vegetable and eggs fry
  2. Cheese Pancakes with cream
  3. Chia Pudding coconut
  4. Eggs and bacon
  5. Deviled eggs
  6. Almond Butter in apple
  7. Eggs and Sausage to Go
  8. Cowboy Skillet
  9. Egg, Avocado and Tomato Salad

Vegetable and eggs fry:

vegetables egg fry


. oil

. Eggs

. Sp ices

. Mix vegetables


. Give some oil in fry pan.

. Add mix vegetables.

. Use 3 or 4 eggs, and add some spices. Like salt and pepper.

. Stir fry awaiting ready.

Cheese Pancakes with cream:

Cheese Pancakes with cream


. Cream cheese

. Eggs

. Cheese

. Cinnamon


. Keep all elements in a blender. Blend it smoothly.

. Rest for few minutes, so the bubbles can resolves.

. Pour some batter into a hot fry pan and brash some butter.

. Roast for 2 minutes until blonde color, turn over and roast 1 minute on the other part.

coconut and Chia Pudding :

coconut and Chia Pudding


. Chia seeds

. Coconut milk

. Honey


. Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Keep it in refrigerator all night.

. Take away it from the fridge, and make confident your pudding seems thick.

Eggs and bacon:

Eggs and bacon


. Bacon

. Eggs


. Put in bacon to a hot fry pan, cook until prepared.

. Keep the bacon on a plate; and roast some eggs in the bacon oil.

. Add some salt and pepper.

Deviled eggs:

Deviled eggs

. Mayonnaise

. Vinegar

. Mustard

. Salt

. Black pepper

. Eggs


. Boiled all eggs properly.

. Devide eggs in half, and remove yolks.

. Mix yolks with all ingredients.

. Serve yolk mix into egg whites.

Almond butter in apple:

Almond butter in apple


. Apple

. Almond butter


. Cut the apple in proper slice.

. Brush almond butter over the apple slice.

Eggs and Sausage to Go:

eggs and sausages


. Sausage

. Eggs

. Salt

. Onion


. Divide the sausage into 6 parts,

. Creat a “crust” for the egg in each part.

. Break an egg into every sausage crust.

. Add some salt, black pepper and green onion.

. Bake until the eggs are cook, just 30 minutes in a preheated oven.

  • Cowboy Skillet:


. Sausage

. Sweet potatoes

. Eggs

. Avocado

. Cilantro

. Hot sauce

. Raw cheese


. Fry the sausage in brown color more than medium heat.

. Cook the sweet potatoes. Try to keep as much of the grease as likely.

. Add the sausage and toss the potatoes in sausage fat.

. Make a few holes in the pan–one hole for each egg. Break the eggs into the holes.

. Put the skillet in the pre-heat oven and bake for 5 min.

. Take away the pan from the oven and coat the skillet with avocado, cilantro and hot sauce.

Egg, Avocado and Tomato Salad :

Egg, Avocado and Tomato Salad


. Eggs

. Tomato

. Avocado

. Onion

. Salt and pepper


.boil the eggs

.cut the tomato, avocado, onion, and boil eggs in dice shape.

.mix the whole ingredients in a bowl and add some salt and pepper.


8 reasons why excessive salt is bad for human body

We all know, Salt is very important for human body but over taking salt is too much harmful for human body. Too much Sodium caused many kind of disease for health. It raises blood pressure, it contains extra fluid in the body, and excessive salt will enlarge chance of heart failure. If you take extra salt, you should stop it right now. Let’s see the most bad effect causes of excessive salt on human body.

Excessive salt is harmful

  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Osteoporosis
  • Swelling body
  • Stroke
  • Stomach cancer
  • Kidney diseases
  • Brain diseases
  1. High blood pressure: much salt Eating habit is main cause of high blood pressure. Extra salt increase the quantity of sodium in bloodstream and wrecks the weak balance, the effect is a higher blood pressure.
  2. Obesity: High salt eating as a driver of fatness. The harmful effects of high salt eating are normally reflection of in conditions of the effects of salt on obesity; however, continuing eating of a high-salt food is also connected with weight gaining, insulin confrontation and metabolic condition through indefinite system.
  3. Osteoporosis: eating high salted food can cause of osteoporosis. Calcium is essential for bone power; much salt is damages calcium, go in front to bone weakening. When, calcium is lost from the bones it called osteoporosis.
  4. Swelling body: Puffiness of the knees or feet and even hands can be causes by swell. A high sodium diet reasons your body to hold on water. Depending on the harshness, it may be extravagance with also a change in diet or recommendation on medication.
  5. Stroke: more than the optional daily sodium eating adds to a big risk of cardiovascular disease. Too much salt intake is linked with a very much bigger risk of stroke.
  6. Stomach cancer: much salty food is harmful for stomach. It also reason for stomach cancer. Junk food contains lots of salt and unseen fat which also a big reason for stomach cancer.
  7. Kidney diseases: kidneys assist to take away waste products, maintain fluid levels and manage the creation of red blood cells in human body. But with a high salt eating habit and high blood pressure mutual, this can be dangerous to kidneys. Then it attacked by much kind of diseases.
  8. Brain diseases: much salt intake has been connected to hypertension and cardiovascular disease. The experiment also exposes that a too high dietary sodium eating may damage cognitive purpose in older citizens.