Recipe of Homemade Golden French fry

golden french fries

French fry is most wanted favorite food over the world especially for children. My baby likes French fry very much. Every time when I go any restaurant, I must take a large basket full of French fry. Even I make this dish in my home kitchen also. Much time we make French fry but it is not becoming golden like restaurants. So here I give a secret fact about French fry to golden color.

two large potatoes


-2 large potatoes

-1 tsp corn flour

-salt and pepper (as taste)

-oil for deep fry

cut into regular size


At first take 2 large potatoes and peel off. Then cut into regular French fry cutting, soak with water.

soak into water

Boiled the French fries with salt for 2min, strain the boiling water. Let the potato slices cool and cover with corn flour. Now take a big fry pan on your stove to medium heat. And pour oil for deep fry, let the oil for heated. When oil heated very well, put in all potato slices. Deep fry the potatoes until golden color. Take kitchen towel and drain all French fries from hot oil. Now, season with salt and pepper, serve with tomato ketchup.

serve with tomato ketchup

Note, you can put potato slices into refrigerator to cold, when you drained the boiled potato slices. This method can help stay your fries crispy.