15 Weight Loss Snacks Recipes

Snacks are very necessary during weight loss. It can help you to reduce your hunger. But remember what kind of snacks you consume, it have to be in small calories during weight loss. Intake snacks between mealtimes, it must facilitate to curb your appetite, for this you can take a small amount of food during mealtimes. So here I just give 15 low calories snacks ideas, which you can take in your weight loss journey.

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits: fruits are very nutrients and full with fiber. Also small amounts of fruits are less than 100 calories. So you can easily choose any kind of fresh fruits in your snacks item during your weight loss journey.

Low fat Yogurt

Low fat yogurt: low fat yogurt also a very healthy snacks and it be able to burn your body fat. You can mix low fat yogurt with fruits, cucumber, tomatoes, carrot and other healthy salads.

Skimmed Milk

Skimmed milk: low fat milk or skimmed milk is a very nutrients snack in weight loss. You can drink it in hot or cold as you want.


Cucumber: as well as cucumber is my best choice from all snacks item during my weight loss journey. Because it burnt my belly fat and full filled my stomach. Also cucumber is so much healthy for skin and body.


Pop corn: puffed corn is full with fiber and small in calorie. You can consume it as a snack item, but you must take pop corn without much salt and butter.


Oatmeal: oatmeal with berries or dry fruits is another option of weight loss snacks and it is a complex carbohydrate also little caloric food.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate: well, dark chocolate can helps to burn your body fat, you can take this in go to outside also as an outside snacks.

chick peas

Roasted chickpeas: chickpeas are rich in fiber and nutrients, and a good snack in weight loss.

Boiled Egg

Boiled egg: wow, boiled egg is an amazing weight loss snacks. Also it is a power house of nutrients.

Tomato with Mozzarella cheese

Tomato with mozzarella: tomatoes with mozzarella are another healthy weight loss snack.

Apple with Almond Butter

Apple with almond butter: a piece of apple with almond butter is very delicious snacks.

Dry Fruits and Nuts

Dry fruits and nuts: a handful of dry fruits and nuts are wonderful snacks. And it is very good source of minerals and vitamins.


Hummus: hummus is another option of healthy weight loss snacks.

A piece of Cheese

 A piece of cheese: very well, a simple piece of cheese can be a good healthy weight loss snacks.

Dried sugar free coconuts: sugar free coconuts chips are a good snacks. You can use it during ketogenic diet also.

At last, when you are start your weight loss journey one thing you remember, eat those time when actually you are hungry.